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- Georgia Oilmen's Associations
-Alabama P&CMA
- Syntech-FuelMaster
-GasBoy Card Lock
-Mannatec Card Lock

Incon Tank Monitor Interface for PetroTank

PetroTech2000 now supports Alabama and Mississippi tax reporting.

Print Certified Georgia Sales Tax Forms from PetroTech2000

Download the FREE Georgia Sales Tax Decision Tree -  Our Georgia Sales Tax Decision Tree will always be at your fingertips to calculate the taxes for Government and Non-Government accounts. 

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mission statement...

"Bring state of the art computer software and information services traditionally reserved for large above rack refineries to the below rack fuel marketer at an affordable price."



Petroleum Technologies has developed a complete suite of software packages to help automate both the accounting and tax reporting burdens that the petroleum marketer faces each business day. In addition to software Petroleum Technologies has extensive E-Commerce experience. Networking, Automated data capture, EDI, FTP, Web development, Web hosting, cross platform file transfer, and file conversion are all areas that Petroleum Technologies excels in.

about us...

Since January, 1990, Petroleum Technologies has consistently provided quality goods and services to the petroleum market and has a complete understanding of the unique aspects of the petroleum industry. Before starting Petroleum Technologies, Tommy Vinson worked in the petroleum industry for five years giving him a total of sixteen years of industry knowledge.

Careers -Outside Sales Associate position

State of Georgia Dept. of Revenue - Sales and Use Tax Division...

Prepaid State Tax on Motor Fuel Effective: January 2004...Read more here

Gilbarco G-Site Interface....

The Gilbarco G-Site interface has been completed.  The stand-alone home office solution will provide reports that can be exported to Microsoft Excel™ or viewed on-screen. Contact Petroleum Technologies Sales department for more information...

Coming Soon!

DTN interface for importing supplier invoices

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