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- Georgia Oilmen's Associations
- Alabama P&CMA
- Incon
- Syntech-FuelMaster
- GasBoy Card Lock
- Mannatec Card Lock

Incon Tank Monitor Interface for PetroTank

PetroTech2000 now supports Alabama and Mississippi tax reporting.

Print Certified Georgia Sales Tax Forms from PetroTech2000

Download the FREE Georgia Sales Tax Decision Tree -  Our Georgia Sales Tax Decision Tree will always be at your fingertips to calculate the taxes for Government and Non-Government accounts. 

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DTN Energy

Petroleum Technologies® offers an interface into our popular PetroTech2000 application that will automatically update prices for your products and generate invoices.

Custom Programming

Petroleum Technologies® can add custom features to our software offerings that are specific to your company’s needs.

Website Development

Petroleum Technologies® can create a web presence for your company.

B2B Consulting

Device Integration

Petroleum Technologies® can integrate with other systems/applications to help improve productivity and profits. Such as Pay-at-the-Pump and integration with third-party payment systems.

Networking LAN/WAN

We have the expertise to setup a corporate-wide local area network or wide area network. Allowing multiple users to access application systems simultaneously can increase productivity and reduce costs.


Creating an Intranet environment allows your company to provide important company information to your employees. An Extranet links all of your stores and remote locations to the company network.

File Conversion


Careers - Outside Sales Associate position

State of Georgia Dept. of Revenue - Sales and Use Tax Division...

Prepaid State Tax on Motor Fuel Effective: January 2004...Read more here

Gilbarco G-Site Interface....

The Gilbarco G-Site interface has been completed.  The stand-alone home office solution will provide reports that can be exported to Microsoft Excel™ or viewed on-screen.  Contact Petroleum Technologies Sales department for more information...

Coming Soon!

DTN interface for importing supplier invoices

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